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Quick thoughts on the bin Laden audio

Very quick…

I do not think this should be dismissed.

The turnaround time for this tape was quick. A fast turnaround time when drone strikes are heightened means there is a strategic purpose for this tape that makes risking a fast turnaround worthwhile.

I’m still pondering whether his warning to France relates to the Euro plot in an operational context ie pre-attack warning and here I return to yesterday’s article about those plots and what Noman Benotman had to say about OBL’s consistency in issuing warnings.  On the basis of past OBL releases , a solid case could be put forward for this proposition.

Alternatively it could just be an attempt to ferment more unease. However, OBL warnings generally have a very specific purpose and coming at this time make me a bit jittery.

Am curious to see if any more messages come to light in the next little while.


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