About the blog’s change of name

Newer visitors to this site may not know that for several years this blog was simply known as All Things Counter Terrorism.  In 2012 I decided to change the name of the blog in order to prevent my blog being associated with what has come to pass for counter terrorism, much of which is in violation of universal human rights and democratic principles.  As I said in an earlier post, which further explains this decision (and is part seven in a series of posts about children, jihad, counter terrorism and dehumanization) my concerns are that “counter terrorism has moved away from a law enforcement approach based on the rule of law and become increasingly more militarized and less accountable.” What I also said was


Lest anyone accuse me of going rogue, I’d refer you to Australia’s National Counter Terrorism White Paper in which there is no support for dehumanizing practices and actions, with a lawful, proportionate and accountable response that upholds democratic principles and universal human rights instead advocated.


To be effective, Australia must pursue a principled and proportionate response that promotes and upholds the values we seek to protect. The Government does not support the use of torture or other unlawful methods in response to terrorism. Terrorism is a crime and the Government will pursue terrorists within proper legal frameworks and in accordance with the rule of law. A response based on our democratic values and universal human rights serves to undermine the narrative of terrorist groups that seek to portray our actions, and those of our allies, as oppressive…

It may not mean much in the grand scheme of things. But it is what it is: the protest of one former analyst turned academic and public commentator, who’s sick and tired of watching what are in my view amoral, legally questionable, and counterproductive practices that go against democratic principles and universal human rights being justified and enacted as “counter terrorism.”