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Update on IMU camp training pictures

07/06/2011 Leave a comment

Folks, on the following page you can find some information about the IMU camp training pictures I posted last month.

I’d like to thank the readers who took the time to provide the information on the time date data on the photos and the weaponry etc.

Sorry for the delay in posting, real life has intervened a little.

Hoping to do some more overdue posts in the coming little while in between packing up, and dealing with article rebounds.

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Photos from IMU training camp in Pakistan, apparently

06/12/2011 7 comments

I found these photos of an apparent IMU training camp named after the now deceased Abu Abdullah on my wander through the internet tonight, because well that’s what one does on a Saturday night. I don’t know the date of these photos or the location, other than it being an IMU camp somewhere in Pakistan, apparently.  So, if anyone who can read Uzbek wants to fill in the details from the original source of the photos I’ll be happy to add (link to original source is after photos).

But they’re interesting so I thought I’d post them for those whose net access etc prevents them looking on these sites. It’s hard to comment on some aspects because of a lack of knowledge about where or when then these photos were taken, but a few things were of interest to me. First the IED photos are interesting.

There looks to be two separate lessons areas, one of which has a covering of some sort. At least the IMU is smart enough to camouflage it, which you can see on the top of a few pics. Al Qaeda used white tents when based in Afghanistan. Even after airstrikes. And bin Laden used to personally choose the areas for camps, which caused some chagrin among those with more experience (and arguably common sense) because of his proclivity to choose exposed areas, coupled with white tents. I kid you not. I’m guessing that practice stopped pretty quickly once AQ left Afghanistan and he was out of the operational picture.

But back to the IMU pics, aside from the two ‘class’ teaching areas, there appears to be at least three areas for whatever you military people call scenario training. And with homemade flags of the countries they are targeting, by the looks of it.  But I’ll leave it at that and let the rest of you take a look and offer comment. I’m sure some of you will have comments on the weapons etc and are better placed than me to point out what is what.

As a little aside, these pics show a lot more organisation and general ‘neatness’ than the pics we were treated to from Abu Khabab al Masri’s little training ‘centre’. But that was mostly in a small compound, this is not. Curious as to where these guys are sleeping when doing their training.

If you click on each pic it *should* come up larger in a separate window, I hope.

Link for the original source is here’limgoh.html

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