English trans – Abu Walid’s first response

Al Masri and al Qaeda:

With them…but not a member

Discussion with an expert in the fight against terrorism is not without risk. Especially if the other party in the interview is a “terrorist”, and has had conferred upon him descriptions and capacities not able to be shouldered by neither an Arabic camel or an Australian mule.

It is relatively easy to believe that the eagle has turned into a canary after a minor facelift. But it is difficult to imagine that academic work can turn a security officer into a natural person, like the rest of God’s creatures.

But Mrs Leah Farrall says that she quit her career fighting terrorism that she worked for a long time with the Australian police, as an analyst and investigator. And she now works in the academic field and is preparing for a doctoral degree within her previous area of experience in fighting terrorism.

In any case her focus on academic research will give us a bit of comfort and space so we can work safely in the field (terrorism). Therefore I thought it would be a good to distract her with these dialogues so the rest of the gang can do the work.

Mrs Farrall is looking at the subject of Islamic groups, in particular “Al Qaeda”. I am the only one with the chronic writing disease, so I have found myself at the forefront of attention by researchers and officers in the fight. My books were rich material for them and for journalists who appeared and become very famous in the bazaar of the war on terrorism that was started under the ill repute of George Bush. So now it looks like I am crawling to the front of the terrorism scene and am surrounded by extreme exaggerations which are not real and no one can bring a single evidence about these exaggerations.

In general, the security services always deliberately inflate the risks and invent things from scratch. So we can see them exaggerate the ability of people who are against the law so the efforts of their departments will be admired and valued so they will get the awards and admiration. More importantly, they will get more authority and power so they can fully put society and the country under their control, if that is possible. This has actually happened in many countries, whether big or small.

In our minds are the horrible images of the beautiful female solders and their exercise on our brothers of a torture sport in Abu Ghraib. We don’t forget the image of the beautiful American, as she draws one of our brothers from his neck with a rope like a dog while he was naked and lying on the floor.

And another image of the same beauty with a sweet smile  as she indicated with her finger a pile of our naked brothers’ bodies, while the beauty records a souvenir photo to show it to her grandchildren and feel proud of it.

Anyway, that won’t last long and a day will come in which the scales are turned and justice takes it course and the criminals are subjected to punishment

Today another beauty is researching on a living person and they are a candidate to become the next victim.  Therefore she gives to him advantages and talents that not even he or any of his grandparents possessed. He is a terrorist and strategist in everything…From war to the media and politics.  What a introduction for a comfortable sitting on an electric chair.

I wish it was someone else who is going through this ordeal, but this is my fate.

So we become ready for an intellectual dialogue with the security beauty and the terrorist fighter, Mrs Farrall, we take a tour with her in the different field of terrorism. She wants a tour so she can get a more accurate knowledge of the enemy so she can target them in a better way. I want the dialogue to clarify the truths to our Arab public and to all the people of the world if possible. The experiences of our  fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets was a world experience that affected the lives of all people, but was decisive for many of them. Therefore our Arab experience in Afghanistan, concerns every person on this planet.

Unfortunately our enemies are those who exaggerate the presentation of that experience with whatever is suitable for their greed so that is why they draw our picture in a very ugly way so we look like terrorists who thirst for blood and kill innocents and so can be considered the greatest threat to humans on earth.

From my viewpoint – which is supported by many—this picture of us is the opposite. They are describing themselves, they are the terrorists.

And if they knew the meaning of humanity and  justice their countries would not have been built from beginning and there wouldn’t be the US or Canada or even Australia. And there wouldn’t have been big empires which stretched from east to west. And complete civilisations were destroyed and people disappeared from life’s record.

And now they cry over the remains of false tragedies that they invented or made themselves like the holocaust lie or the demolished buildings of New York.

These people do not care about facts. If it benefits them they will release it. Otherwise, they will make lies and stories and spread with them with power of their media, which is supported financially and militarily.

But if the criterion is the financial force, such people deserve to be on top of the world. If the criteria is the spiritual strength, moral force and human values, they are at the bottom of all human worthiness. But, most of the time they go away from any humanitarian context.

And we should not wait for their media to reflect the truth as it is. Because we are still unable to explain and express ourselves in a good way. But we are the worst who do that.

Al Masri and al Qaeda

Since 2002, the accusations have flown about Abu Walid al Masri, with the most horrible description that leads to death.

In the beginning they said “a senior leader in al Qaeda” and that charge was labelled at all Arabs they found in the streets of Pakistan.  And when people became bored with that overused charge, one of Arab (the Jazz newspapers) run in the interests of the Pentagon, said that I am a theorist “Al Qaeda organisation”. That was a lie causing me exciting rage. Al Qaeda and all the salafist organisations do not recognise or follow this thing named theorising. They deal only with fatwas and that is their life’s pillar and their work’s focus. I hate the word “theorising” for a reason I do not know.

Lately they have been saying that al Masri works (consultant) for the al Qaeda organisation. And then they  made me an advisor to the Taliban.

And Mullah Mohammad Omar, and then to jihadist movements in the Greater Khorosan.

If this was the case I would have opened an office for consulting and terrorism and become very rich.The truth is that I was not a counselor to anyone, but I gave my advice to all who request it of me if I was able to give my opinion, except for religious matters. I do not issue fatwas except for myself, and I go to the trusted scientists when I find them.

And if necessary I go myself to some important people with my  consultation or advice if I think that keeping quiet and not doing that would result in significant harm to others. I have done so several times. Some of which was useful and most was not, and it caused me personal damage and I got used to enduring it and I am still suffering the consequences of some until  today.

# Accusations are flying in all directions and changing all the time. The search and effort to refute it would be a waste of time and stressful.

The above mentioned charges are not everything. Because around these charges there are also other charges that are trivial and to respond to them was not a preferred option.

Until these trivialities came to result in the issue of a decision from the US Treasury Department, and the signing by President Obama in his first week in office, to freeze my assets in the US and prevent any commercial dealings with me.

The decision was unjust and unfair. I don’t  know to what extent it affected the interests of people inside and outside of America. I don’t know what prevented the US treasury from making public my bank account numbers and the sums on money in them or how much financial deals I have in Wall Street???

Maybe they are afraid that this might  affect the share prices in the stock markets or maybe the value of the dollar would decline.

In fact, they can’t do that but I challenge them to do so, and my witness is Mrs Farrall. The reason for my confidence is that there is nothing, no money,  no accounts and no commercial dealings. But if the reverse is proven, I will donate all money seized in order to build a Jewish settlement in Holy Jerusalem.

## I have written so far a dozen books and each one of them has more than witnessed that I was not one day a member in al Qaeda organisation, not from the shura council members and not a special advisor to them or to others. But I always have good relations with the senior figures like Brother bin Laden , and still do.

The beauty “Leah Farrall” ( the fitna is worse than murder) she said that I spread their dirty laundry and she means of course al Qaeda, like no one ever did before and in public. This is also not right. Despite my strong friendship with the al Qaeda leadership, I always have been directing to them frank and clear advice. If the mistakes were big it is natural that the advice makes the sound of loud bombs.

Similarly, I did this with the Muslim Brotherhood in the 80’s, with the Salafists and the jihadi parties and even the Afghan Taliban movement, which I respect and admire very much. In my books I gave sharp criticism to all who deserve it. I criticised myself in many situations. I have also committed several errors, some medium, large and small. Because the human who doesn’t make mistakes is the human who doesn’t work. We don’t see nowadays Prophets or saints so everyone is human who can make mistakes and who can do good and bad.

# The Enemies have translated my books and seem to have checked them carefully. And so they decided  upon a description that serves their interested in the farcically named “war on terrorism” They made me a criminal, a terrorist, and a leader in al Qaeda, a consultant and theorist to the Taliban and the mujahideen, “ Khorosan great!” A marvellous thing that al Masri has become the superman the poor to the mercy of god.

All of these exaggerations are not in perspective. What  agitated me was that our brothers in the Arab media relied on comments in the article written by a woman “Farrall”,  who wrote about my call to the mujahideen brothers in Afghanistan that they should seek to secure more military prisoners or civilian personnel belonging to the countries occupying Afghanistan and retain them until negotiations can be held leading to the release of all Muslims prisoners in the US prisons secret and public.

The article carried the viewpoint of Mrs Farrall, a capable investigator whose job is to fight terrorists like me. That is her right and this is her job. But my disapproval is directed at the Arab media who only relied on what the Australian beauty said and presented this for discussion to their readers. They did not pay attention to what I wrote  on the subject, although they know and they had this subject a long time ago. And although they know me personally and I worked with one of them when I was a reporter in the city of Kandahar.

I did not hear once that the Arab news media or media or Arab intellectuals have read what I wrote or commented on any of it. But when a foreign authority criticise and comment they suddenly discover their missing courage. They re-deploy the foreign viewpoints and build around it their genius product which explains and confirms what their masters say. And then they serve this to the poor reader as a rotten meal already eaten and digested and thrown out as rotten crap not suitable for human consumption.

That agitated me and I decided that I say: (no)

“Mrs Farrall” thought that this (no) is connected to my going back to write for Al Samoud magazine of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan. And that coordination must have happened between me and the Taliban to repudiate al Qaeda at the same time. And that this is linked to new strategies put in place, one of them from Taliban side and the other one  from the American occupiers who are hesitant to approve it.

This viewpoint of hers is the ideal application of the use of conspiracy theory, which Farrall accused me of, when she commented on one of the illustrative drawings (contained in the Book Cross in the Sky of Kandahar) and the drawing refers to Israel and Saudi princes in the field of access to the fundamentalist organisation, including al Qaeda. Farrall has accussed me of using the conspiracy theory, even though the security cooperation between Israel, Saudi Arabia and several Arab countries to work together against Islamic movements in general and especially jihadis is known widely. But when it comes to Israel, hastens Farrall with vigour and enthusiasm to thwart those accusations about Israel and undermine whoever accuses Israel and minimise his efforts because it uses a conspiracy theory. But if this accusation of a conspiracy was pointing to us this conspiracy theory will be a logical and scientific conclusion or maybe intelligence information that no one can doubt any part of.

In the writings of Mrs Farrall are numerous examples of the use of conspiracy theories as a means of condemning we people who suffer from injustice.

It is okay because whatever comes from the beauty is beautiful even if it is interrogation techniques approved by the ugly Rumsfeld.

Question here is: Has al Masri disowned al Qaeda??

I’m not looking to exonerate myself from the enemy. I do not seek to improve the picture they have of me. Frankly I think I will continue to fight until the end. The end is that they the leave us alone to our own affairs. To leave us free in our countries to decide what is in the interests of our peoples and not what the West wants for the continuation of  its greed.. This briefly.

I am fully aware that my picture won’t improve even if they prove I am one of the disciplines of Jesus Christ. Also, my picture won’t become worse than it is now, even if they discover I was a consultant to “Adolf Hitler” for the Holocaust.

I heard that when the British occupation forces held someone suspected of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, he said to them:

(It is an honour I don’t claim and a charge I don’t deny).  I like the response so I borrow it now in my case.

# I Remind you here that I speak of al Qaeda the organisation and not its leaders. Those leaders who founded “Al Qaeda” organisation are of the best known friends. And reflected in them are the noblest qualities of believing men.

From this side I am honoured to recognise them, and they were modest and accepted me as a friend.

I could not abandon them or renounce them in any way, whatever happens, and as long as we are together on this long road.

In our dealings we put a strong wall of separation between our personal dealings and any disagreement in the practical issues that hinder the Mujahideen. There were many differences and sometimes they were dangerous. This is normal for the conditions under which we were and are still living in. It is surprising that such a case exists in the Muslim environment, and jihad in particular.

Before closing this file I point out that American security authorities and Arab journalists working in one of the jazz press, and since my first articles on the al Mahroosah site in 2002  violently criticised what al Qaeda has done in Afghanistan, they wrote about a split in al Qaeda. Now it becomes clear that this matter is not true because I was not a day within the al Qaeda organisation to break away from it.

It was also written by a US investigator who specialises in counter terrorism in a book which he covered the subject of my differences with al Qaeda about the battle of Jalalabad. I violently disagreed and lost my best friends in that foolish battle. I have had with al Qaeda several disagreements about important military and political issues. But it was not at all (cracks in the foundation) as Mr Spy described it. I was not a day within this foundation. Therefore my disagreements with them were not a crack. I am actually an independent crack, who never makes it easy on himself or others when mistakes are made.

I think the answer has now been completed on the question Mrs Farrall asked about distinguishing myself from Qaeda, noting that it conceded with what she said was the Islamic Emirate also distinguishing itself from al Qaeda as well.

And hopefully she is no longer amazed or asks in confusion: why now? And what is the reason?

And if the reason was known the wonder becomes invalid, so the Arabs say.

  1. Charles Cameron (hipbone)
    10/28/2009 at 4:54 am

    Ha! His “the security beauty and the terrorist fighter” is an intriguing wrinkle on “beauty and the beast” — I wonder if that’s intentional. It’s a powerful juxtaposition to be sure — I’ll try to do some digging in the folkloric literature and archetypal psych, see what I can find on that motif, and whether it has any Arabic correlates. I think the old dog is kinda flirting with you!

    • Leah Farrall, Australia
      10/28/2009 at 4:28 pm

      I think both were references to me in terms of my old job, I should have made that clearer in the translation. I could be wrong though. will go back and check when I get time.

  2. Charles Cameron (hipbone)
    10/28/2009 at 6:28 pm

    You may be right, though he does refer to himself as a terrorist: he says your job is “to fight terrorists like me”, and he also makes the conjunction “beauty is researching on a living person … she gives to him advantages and talents … He is a terrorist and strategist”.

    I’ll be interested to hear how you see it after rereading…

    And he clearly doesn’t think you can change your nature by becoming an academic!


    I did find one neat beauty and the beast quote, though. It’s from the opening of the original 1933 King Kong movie, and it’s a “title card” depicting “an Old Arabian Proverb” — clearly a filmic attempt at a hadith — which says:

    And the Prophet said, ‘And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty. And it stayed its hand from killing. And from that day, it was as one dead.’

    • Leah Farrall, Australia
      10/28/2009 at 6:51 pm

      Yes, but he was being sardonic there in the first reference you quote. Will let you know once I re-consider.

  3. Charles Cameron (hipbone)
    10/29/2009 at 9:00 am

    About Abu Walid saying “I have written so far a dozen books and each one of them has more than witnessed that I was not one day a member in al Qaeda organisation, not from the shura council members and not a special advisor to them or to others. But I always have good relations with the senior figures like Brother bin Laden , and still do”…

    I’ve just been listening to the second of the Rabiah Hutchison interview videos, and at 4.31-5.07 the interview goes like this:

    INTERVIEWER: And your husband was very close to Al-Qaida — did he support the attack on the twin towers?

    RH: No, he wasn’t actually close to Al-Qaida, he was actually almost —

    INTERVIEWER (breaks in): Except that I’m quoting from Sally’s book, which suggests that he was a member of the inner council…

    RH: He was on the Shura as a consultant, but I think that Abu Walid, out of all the people that were in Afghanistan at the time, was more often in opposition. And no, he did not agree at all with what had happened, and was extremely sad and angry.

    I’m not wishing to contradict him, just ton say that he seems to be drawing a distinction that’s fine enough that she doesn’t see it…

  4. Leinad
    10/29/2009 at 10:37 am

    I thought the ‘beauty’ references were pretty clearly part of the Lynndie England metaphor he sets up in the opening paragraphs, in which case it’s hardly a compliment.

  5. toto
    10/29/2009 at 9:51 pm

    It’s interesting how the pictures that “remain in his mind” are those of Lynndie England (who, the author will be pleased to know, has indeed been “brought to justice” and locked up). Somehow the thousands of ordinary folks that died at the hands of his fellow jihadi Al Zarqawi (or as a result of his deliberate plans to raise sectarian strife) don’t seem to have left much of a mark.

    I guess being a fanatic entails a rather warped world-view.

  6. Jahanzaib
    10/30/2009 at 2:01 am

    Why can’t you people just focus on the donut & not the hole. The whole emphasis is on the word ‘beauty’ here.

    • Leah Farrall, Australia
      10/30/2009 at 2:23 am

      I’m not emphasizing anything – I haven’t even put my analysis of the articles up yet!

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