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Dr Fadl strikes again – get ready for a massive AQ conniption

01/28/2010 Leave a comment

I don’t know *how* I missed this earlier in the week, but Asharq Alawsat is serialising a new book by Dr Fadl — the former Emir of the  EIJ. It looks to be every bit as controversial as the last one.   He rips into al Qaeda. There’s a lot more to it, but am entirely too  hyped up on toxic levels of caffeine for a summary but do check it out at the below links (all in Arabic except for the first one which gives a summary of the first article in the series).

Speaking of those critical of  al Qaeda, Abu Walid’s recent policy piece  released via his blog  is now on the Taliban website

This is very interesting, and tends to suggest that the Taliban may be considering adopting his policy suggestions. I wrote very briefly about Abu Walid’s piece yesterday.

Ok the links to the Dr Fadl piece.

English summary


Jihad and juice inside Libya’s terror jail –

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This looks like it will be an interesting documentary. Short story on it below.  I don’t have CNN so would be interested in hearing what it is like, or if a link pops up somewhere to watch this.

Jihad and juice inside Libya’s terror jail –

LIFG Revisions

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Jarret has his post up on the LIFG and it is well worth a read. I don’t really have anything to add beyond this since I’m yet to read the revisions. They’re on my list of things to get to.

I agree with him and think  that we need to get a lot more serious about how we play the counter narratives.  They’re not given enough attention and there is just so much good material out there that could be used to discredit these idiots. Not just ideologically either. But the good old fashioned dirty laundry.

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LIFG revisions

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The LIFG revisions seem to be getting a lot of attention in the Arab press, though are being ignored for the most part in the western press and academic circles. I’m not going to comment too much on this since Jarret is all over this and there’s no sense repeating things as I suspect his view will be very similar to my own.

Besides, I’m a bit lazy and reading through over 400 pages is not my idea of fun this weekend. Actually I’d rather do my chapter (and that really says something!). They are highly significant though, and I’m looking forward to reading what JB has to say. I’m also keeping a lazy eye on the debates in the forums on this.  Speaking of which, one post links to the LIFG document and an article of interest.

Link to document is here

Camille Tawil’s piece in Dar al Hayat is also mentioned and  is worth a read too.

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