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More Maqdisi…

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Eid Greetings this time with Muhammad al Tahawi. I can’t even be bothered going and checking this out. It will just get me cranky. But for those of you so inclined link is here.


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Maqdisi again

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There’s a letter from AQ in the Maghreb to Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi opening up a new round of communications. Since this will probably be done openly, at least some of the strategic stuff (it’s a proselytizing tool to do so) this is one to watch. I’m not liking the re-emergence of Maqdisi. Not that he ever really went quiet. But there’s a LOT going on here.

And it’s making me  cranky. The Jordanians REALLY need to do something about him. No more talk and this endless in and out of detention.  Those GID boys need to put their money where their mouth is.  Seriously.

Although, this is going to give AQ core a bit of a kick up the backside. Expect some more releases from them if they can swing it. They’ll want to regain the initiative, even if they agree with what he is saying. AQ likes to own its brand totally. They’ll try to put out something sanctioning what he says so brand AQ stays on top.

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Maqdisi’s renewed influence

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I don’t think he is in jail, but he needs to be put back there. Maqdisi’s influence is looming large over al Qaeda and the Caucasus. He caused Sheikh Saaed to issue a back track and just put out an influential sanction of the Caucasus Emirate .

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Maqdisi’s letter of support and patronage to the Caucasus Emirate and its Mujahideen

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I don’t know how I missed this.  It’s in English and its recent (ie 07/09/09)

This is really interesting (ugh there I go again). He’s issuing advice and guidance. Some excerpts…

He who looks for the news of our Mujahedeen brethren there and the news of their Emirate, his eyes would be delighted with the purity of the manhaj (Islamic curriculum and principles), the clearness of the announcements, the privileges of the leadership and their honesty to Tawheed, and their non-deviation towards any turbidities, despite the poor resources and facilities when compared to their enemy, and despite the heavy pressures to which they are exposed, and the fierceness of the enemy they are fighting.

For that reason, I have tried many times to turn over the Hamas issue and throw it behind me despite the messages arriving from Gazza trying to keep me away from this for many practical reasons. However I find that I given elaborate treatment to a respnse to the shubuhat (distortion of religious issues) of Hamas and their allegations against our brethren. I have found myself obliged, against my will, to record a point here, and comment that the very ambiguity with which the Shari’ah is invalidated in Gazza, is the ambiguity which the theoreticians of Hamas are looking briefly. This ambiguity is the reason that the people of approbations and reformations now condemn the Mujahedeen in the Caucasus for their announcement of the Islamic Emirate .  And this ambiguity is the very reason that our brethren in Iraq, Gazza, and Somalia have been similarly condemned.

Consequently, there should be an important pause here to contemplate this issue and observe the stance of our brethren the Mujahedeen regarding it…

According to that claim, Ahmed Zakayev has refused to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Duku Umaruv, and invited all the fighters of the Caucasus to obey what he calls “the Parliament of Chechnya”.

That idiot wants the Mujahedeen to desert the Shar’ie Jihad, which our Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, has enacted for us to stop the attacks of enemies and the assaults of foes against the people of Islam by carrying out Jihad against the infidels and hypocrites.  He wants them to desert the lines of the Mujahedeen in the woods and mountains, and join the “mujahedeen of parliaments” to implement their “jihad” of constitutions and their parliamentary struggles and their “lawful strife” for the West and so that their atheist institutions will be pleased with them. He wants to beg from them recognition of his country and he wants for them to be so kind as to grant them international legitimacy- thereby recognizing his entity which will not be any different from the deformed entities of the idols in the east and west.

It is for our dear brother, abu-Imran, the Shar’ie magistrate of the Emirate of the Caucasus, to study and closely examine the case of Zakayev, and test it against the principles of Shari’ah insightfully and objectively. And then on 29/05/1430 Ah, he produced a valuable research project issued in the name of “the Supreme Shari’ie Court of the Emirate of Caucasus”, a religious-scientific piece of research regarding the decision on Ahmed Zakayev.

The court’s decision was issued based on that piece of research, and it declared Ahmed Zakayev as an apostate, and stated the obligation to kill him unless he repents before he is captured…

Consequently, it is my great pleasure to express my alignment with, patronage for, and support to the Mujahedeen of the Caucasus and their united Emirate… Moreover, I express my glory and pride in those men… It is an honor to state this position before an article by our dear brethren the Emir, the Islamic magistrate “Saifullah abu-imran anzour bin Eldar Astmer” may Allah protect him.  My aim in this is to identify the wonderful level of his words, his views, his papers, and his replies. No doubt he is an example for his followers among the Mujahedeen, may Allah honor them and render religion victorious with them…

At the first opportunity to contact Emir abu-Uthman (Duku Umaruv), I am calling on him to renounce democracy and the ruling system of idols, and raise the banner of Islam pure and free of polytheist. I am informing him that such a decision does not require summoning the council, as it is his own responsibility. He is first responsible for him soul and rescuing it on Dooms day, but he is also responsible for the souls of his followers and for military planning, and answer to this before Allah, the Great and Almighty.

I’m way too tired to comment on it now and in dire need of a “Nana nap”. But I’ll get back to it. In the meantime happy reading.

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