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A little observation on Dr Fadl’s new work

JB over at JarretBrachman.net stumbled on this around the same time I did and has also provided summaries of the episodes as they are released. Hence  I haven’t really offered much comment on it since he is all over this.

Like him though I have been amazed that this hasn’t been picked up or digested more widely.

I have however, been busy re-reading it, mostly to ensure it gels with what I have in my dissertation. And all I can say is wow–this could be his best critique to date. And please can someone find me the entire work. Beg, grovel, plead.

Anyway, one thing I did want to point out is the *striking* similarities  between parts of Dr Fadl’s new book and Abu Walid al Masri’s work. There have been similarities between the two in Dr Fadl’s previous work as well.  And in this and in previous pieces there are also some small similarities  with Abu Musab al Suri’s work. Given the shared history of these three gents this is not surprising.  But it was interesting enough that I thought I’d mention it.

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