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Coming up soon–another response from Abu Walid

Folks, I’m mired down in thesis, but in between edits and re-writes I managed to do a little interview with BBC Radio on militant use of the internet. It aired on BBC Radio last Friday, I think. I’ll chase up the links to that this week, but what I will be posting once I get permission from Abu Walid is some questions he answered for me as part of that interview. His responses, which I discussed in the interview are, I think, quite interesting.  So stay tuned later in the week and once I have his permission I’ll post his response.

I’m *still* also waiting for Jane’s to give me a pdf copy of the piece I wrote on Al Qaeda’s Senior Leadership and Command and Control and will chase that up again too.

Thank you for your ongoing readership and patience while I get the pesky thesis out of the road. It has to be in and signed off and off and away to examiners by July, so until then things will be as they have been lately–a little on the quiet side. I’ll keep posting news and things I come across on my daily reads as well as a few of the things I promised to post  ( ie the rest of the translations) but that’s about it.

Once thesis is  done I have some seriously big plans to go into blog overdrive. For starters I’m not sure I’ll know what to do with all my spare time until I figure out what to do next and get myself another full time job!

Although one of my plans, post thesis submission, while I work out career next is to go on a little *get fit like the muj* program. Yup. That’s right.  She who has been a desk jockey for far too long while doing thesis and who has of late only run towards sale signs is going to take that pesky training camp fitness program floating around the net and see if it works.  As suggested by a friend I’ll post updates on that. Should give you all something to giggle at if nothing else. I’d like to think I could cheat and get fit before July comes and I start the program. But at the rate I’m going (and the dust currently gathered on my cross trainer) clearly that is  not going happen.

Anyway stayed tuned for the Abu Walid response; for those of you interested in the impact the internet has had on militant ideologies  I think you will find it especially interesting.


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