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Dulmatin ‘slipped into Indonesia’

Seems Dulmatin had been in Indonesia longer than six months. This report says he had been there a year…

Indonesian anti-terror officers believe Dulmatin slipped back quietly into the country more than a year ago but no one knew it was the fugitive.“We are not quite sure why he returned,” a senior Indonesian anti-terror officer told The Star. During that period, the name of a little-known preacher, Muhammad Yahya, came on the radar of the anti-terror police.“Muhammad Yahya’s name came up in the militants’ circle. We put him under surveillance but we didn’t know who he was and that it was actually Dulmatin himself,” said the officer.The police kept an eye on “Muhammad Yahya” but he was not a top priority as the authorities had their hands full hunting for other militants, including slain Malaysian terrorist Noordin Muhammad Top.It is believed Dulmatin aligned himself with Noordin’s splinter group, Tandzim Al-Qodat, when he returned as both men shared the same beliefs.“Dulmatin believes in jihad and killing infidels as part of the mission to establish an Islamic state based on syariah laws,” said a regional anti-terror officer.Muhammad Yahya eked out a living trading in livestock in Central Java and was known to be friendly and interacted well with the local community wherever he went.“He used many aliases to avoid detection. He was also good at interacting with the locals,” said the officer.But behind the seemingly innocent demeanour of the livestock trader, Dulmatin was reinvigorating the terror network, procuring weapons and training militants.

via Dulmatin ‘slipped into Indonesia’.

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