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This makes me very proud of my country

Ok, so I started reading our new counter terrorism white paper… and this makes me very proud of my country’s counter terrorism efforts.

3.2.4 A lawful, proportionate and accountable response
To be effective, Australia must pursue a principled and proportionate response that promotes and upholds the values we seek to protect. The Government does not support the use of torture or other unlawful methods in response to terrorism. Terrorism is a crime and the Government will pursue terrorists within proper legal frameworks and in accordance with the rule of law. A response based on our democratic values and universal human rights serves to undermine the narrative of terrorist groups that seek to portray our actions, and those of our allies, as oppressive. In recognition of the importance of our counter‑terrorism and security legislation, the Government has introduced legislation to establish an Independent National Security Legislation Monitor to regularly and independently review the operation of Australia’s counter‑terrorism laws.

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  1. 02/24/2010 at 1:05 am

    Can we in the US copy that? Please?

  2. John
    02/24/2010 at 4:42 am

    Congratulations. You are justifiably proud!

    In his recent TV interview, General Petraeus expressed that he has been on record with that position since 2003.

    It is unfortunate that the Bush-Cheney administration fell to the temptation to use “enhanced interrogation techniques”, which CT expert Malcolm Nance testified before a congressional hearing in 2007 is torture and a stain on our national honor.

    The temptation might have been easier to avoid had we been able to see the end from the beginning, but at the time of 9/11 the nation was in shock, and not knowing the magnitude and capacity of the threat, there was tremendous pressure to get information to save lives.

    This has been a valuable lesson in the consequences to our moral standing of giving in to temptation, and ironically intel experts agree that good, actionable intel is not obtained through these methods anyway.

    I think the US is back on track with that, so I don’t think you will see any further activity of that sort under the current administration.

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