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Attempts to target airliners

I was just doing some referencing for my chapter section and came across this, which I had forgotten about. It’s the Administrative Review Board summary for Riyadh the Facilitator, who would be familiar to those of you who read the 9/11 report.

I had forgotten this guy got nabbed from a safe-house where they found two airline life vests and a backpack–all of which tested positive for PETN.

It’s old news – he was arrested in Feb 02, but I thought  some of you might be interested in this– especially given ongoing attempts to target airliners.  Whether or not this would be viable I’m not sure, but it’s something AQ elements appear to have considered a long time ago.

Abdu Ali al Haji Sharqawi – The Guantánamo Docket – The New York Times.

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