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Taliban magazine is out

It’s substantially smaller than recent editions, which has me curious in light of recent round ups and the ripples from those arrests….

UPDATE: On the menu tonight is humble pie. Mmmm yummy.

Seems I caught the mag when the TOC was still being uploaded, and being lazy I tend to  just look at the online version rather than download. So it is a full edition. I plan to procrastinate later tonight and see what other articles are in it.

Anyway, Abu Walid has two articles in there. One is an interesting historical piece on Haqqani and the beginnings of the first Afghan jihad, which I plan on adding to the stack of reading I hope to get to one of these days.

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  1. John
    02/22/2010 at 11:18 pm

    They must not be on a very good server. Only after persistent retries was I able to load the home page, and I was never able to get the other links, such as Magazine and Download, to load.

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