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Dr Fadl strikes again – get ready for a massive AQ conniption

I don’t know *how* I missed this earlier in the week, but Asharq Alawsat is serialising a new book by Dr Fadl — the former Emir of the  EIJ. It looks to be every bit as controversial as the last one.   He rips into al Qaeda. There’s a lot more to it, but am entirely too  hyped up on toxic levels of caffeine for a summary but do check it out at the below links (all in Arabic except for the first one which gives a summary of the first article in the series).

Speaking of those critical of  al Qaeda, Abu Walid’s recent policy piece  released via his blog  is now on the Taliban website


This is very interesting, and tends to suggest that the Taliban may be considering adopting his policy suggestions. I wrote very briefly about Abu Walid’s piece yesterday.

Ok the links to the Dr Fadl piece.

English summary








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