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A new article I wrote on al Qaeda’s operational resilience

Hello folks, well it’s a been a while since I’ve ventured onto the blog. A little bit of burn out coupled with a plate full of other exciting projects means I’ve let it slide. I’ll be getting back into it, but you may find a change of direction coming because  I find myself increasingly disenchanted with the current state of play. In particular,  I have an issue with the increasingly unaccountable nature of counter terrorism and the militarisation of CT more generally–as well reactions to acts of terror (or fear of them) that belie the values of democratic nations and human rights, not to mention being outright counter productive. And don’t even get me started on disengagement and CVE. But for now, I’m finishing up book research, juggling some other writing, and job hunting, which is keeping me busy. But hopefully that begins to subside soon.

Anyway, for those interested, here are links to two pieces I wrote recently.

One is on al Qaeda’s operational resilience, which I wrote last November, but was only published last month.  This article originally appeared in “Al-Qaeda’s Senior Leadership”, a publication of IHS Defense, Security and Risk Consulting, in January 2012. Reproduced with permission © IHS (Global) Limited. All rights reserved.

The second is an op-ed I wrote on the AQ-al Shabab merger.

Happy reading, and feedback is as always, welcome.


  1. Dustin Gipson
    04/20/2012 at 10:57 am

    So would it be safe to say that we The US are bigger terrorists than any of the third world back doors we kick in, sticking a gun in their faces and telling them we live there. I personally don’t care much for the war on terrorism, a lot like the war on drugs. Neither wars are against a people, place or government but yet we can make clowns richer around the world, clowns who have no loyalty to the usa when they fund both sides of the fighting, seems suspect now that I have spent a small time going to AMU, learning about freedom fighters similar to our founding fathers. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Dustin

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