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Newsweek on Guerrilla Trucks

Article is here.

There’s an interesting parallel here to be made with the way in which things are analysed. The Newsweek article focusses on Hilux as the truck of choice for insurgents and AQ. I know the article was on the Hilux and Guerilla Trucks more generally, and it is widely used. But it depends on who you are looking for. You might find AQ flunkies in a Hilux, but you won’t find any AQ figures of importance in Hiluxes these days and I’d dare to say that goes for most insurgent groups operating in areas at risk of air strikes/drones etc. They’re not that stupid.

AQ’s bosses have predominantly traveled via the rather less intimidating  Toyota Corolla. In fact, Al-Adl commented extensively on how great they were because “the enemy did not notice we were using them” and thus they avoided being targeted.  Motorcycles were also used in the Kandahar battles, and their good performance earned them the title the “iron horse” from al-Adl.  AQ’s leaders  also often traveled via the very unglamorous  mini-bus. Or, and this had me in fits of giggles yesterday, the bicycle. From the Hicks trial a few years ago where the guys received

updates on what was happening from the fat al Qaeda leader in charge who was on a bicycle

Anyway, nothing ground breaking in the article, but it got me thinking about the parallels you could draw with how analysis is framed and conducted, in terms of what you’re looking for.

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