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Interesting blog post

Ok, so I’m procrastinating for a few minutes from my thesis. I was just wandering the net and found The Mujahid Blog authored by one of the guys from revolutionmuslim.com, Abu Talhah al Amrikee.

There is a breakdown of who is considered the enemy and who is not, in a post called Counter Counter Terrorism, which I found interesting. It’s also cross posted on revolutionmuslim.com.  Anyway, he lists three categories of enemies, as per below

The Clear Enemy

The Veiled Enemy

The Poorly Veiled Enemy

and then breaks down the status for each of the below groups

America, U.K., AMISOM, NATO, Canada, Russia, China, Israel, the Afghan Puppet Government, the Iraqi Puppet Government, the Yemeni Puppet Government, the Pakistani Puppet Government, India, and other European countries

Other Puppet Regimes

Government Scholars

Misguided Scholars

Counter Terrorism Officials

Moderate Islamic Organizations

Salafis Who Abandon Jihad

Nationalist Fighters

“Rehabilitated” Mujahideen

Then he explains why etc.

That’s a lot of people to hate.

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